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Triathlon wetsuit


How to choose a triathlon wetsuit 

Choosing your swimming suit for triathlon with scubaland advices 

The primary investment for the triathlon is the triathlon wetsuit, you'll need for most of your shopping, since, according to regulation the triathlon suit is mandatory if the water does not reach 16 °, but it is prohibited from 24 ° for XS distances M and L to XXL. Between the 2? You are free to swim triathlon with a neoprene wetsuit or not. Be aware that the triathlon wetsuit will protect you from cold and thus save your energy to fight against heat loss and slightly changes the sensations at the swim: it says well swim wetsuit for triathlon benefit the swimmers since it improves buoyancy. It is certainly no coincidence that most triathletes prefer swimming with a triathlon suit, even lose a few seconds when undressing. 


There are wetsuit specially designed for triathlon. The triathlon suits are tailored to the specific discipline: thick neoprene designed for optimal flotation, quality neoprene to provide the best possible glide, shoulder yoke worked to offer the least possible discomfort in the swimming practices openings systems for quick undressing in transition ... and you get a sophisticated triathlon wetsuit. No wonder, then, that the triathlon suits are not data but they can really make a difference.


Now choose your triathlon suit, several things have to check...

Top tips for buying a wetsuit of triathlon

For many triathletes or beginners swimmers, wetsuits can and should give you more confidence. The buoyancy for one means you will always pop up to the surface of the water. Here are some key advantages about the benefits of having a swim wetsuit. 

  • We must minimize inputs and water circulation. For this triathlon wetsuit should be adjusted to better without causing pressure points to the neck, arms, underarms and knees.
  • When fitting, prefer no air pockets triathlon wetsuit as they will soak up water and thus cancel the thermal protection effect.
  • The cuts in the armpits and crotch and the dorsal closure facilitate the ease of a triathlon suit. Do not hesitate when trying to make moves to crawl or breaststroke to see the elasticity of the triathlon wetsuit.
  • If you want a little more lift thanks to the buoyancy of the triathlon suit, and you dread the cold, we recommend that you opt for a thicker full triathlon wetsuit at sensitive locations and nicer places to shoulders rubbing, knees…

Triathlon wetsuit for beginners :

Triathlon suits for experienced swimmers and expert:


Triathlon wetsuits and water activities

Specializing in aquatic and underwater sports since 1988, you will find on the Scubaland shop, the largest selection of neoprene suits to practice swimming, triathlon, swimrun, apnea, diving or hunting diving for men and women. From beginner to expert, with the advice of experts Scubaland, find such a swim wetsuit  for your practice swimming or triathlon. 


And also : 




Here, a selection of our outfits for the triathlon swimming part: