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Swimming Caps

Buy Swimming Caps among a wide range of plain or printed swim caps from the brands Turbo, Aqua Sphere


Swimming caps are not just made for competitive swimmers but are highly beneficial for all sorts of pool users. If you want to keep your hair drier than it would be otherwise, perhaps because you are trying to get a few lengths in during your lunch break, they can be very helpful. Swimming caps protect also your hair from chlorine.

Swimming caps are also highly desirable if you are interested in open swimming, perhaps in a lake or the sea because they help to retain your head's warmth and keep you ear tucked in. 

Club swimmers tend to use swimming caps for hydrodynamism in the water, they make your swimming more efficient and faster as a result. They do this by forming a smooth surface for the water to flow around as the head is propelled forwards by the swimmer's arm and leg strokes. Swimming caps allow swimmers to move with grater fluidity through the pool than they could if their hair was exposed, creating drag. This also improves mobility when swimming and can help with rapid changes of direction as well as turns at the end of each length.

Swimming caps tend to be made of latex or other synthetic rubber materials. You can also find ones that are manufactured from silicone as well as neoprene. Regardless of the material, you should always put them on the same way, to ensure wrinkles are minimised since these create the unwanted drag that hair also does. Hold the swimming cap open with both hands with your fingers positioned on the inner side of the material and your thumbs on the outside. Begin by placing the inner material against your brow and then pull the swimming cap over your forehead and hairline. Continue until you are able to pull the swimming cap down towards the nape of the neck before releasing. Remember to cut your nails before putting on a cap because it is possible to tear them on a jagged edge.


Here you will find a wide range of swimming caps from the brands Turbo and Aqua Sphere.


Please contact us for any advice on choosing the right swimming cap for you.