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10 Good Reasons To Start Swimrun


10 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Swimrun 

Do you want to start an endurance activity or just change your sport? Do you want to try the Swimrun!? It is the sport that is exploding, and that comes straight from Sweden! Indeed, it allows you to combine self-transcendence and love of nature! Nowadays, events are organized almost every weekend. This sport, 100% nature, consists of a series of swimming sections in open water (sea, lake) and running on paths. The whole, keeping the wetsuit during the entire race! Quite the opposite to popular belief, everyone can start this activity! For those who are still hesitant, discover 10 good reasons why you should start Swim and Run!


1)   A sport that combines the benefits of swimming and running

A very complete Sport physically and good for cardio! Indeed, swimming does an enormous amount of work on the arms, shoulders, back and jacket of our trunk. While running develops and increases muscle mass from the bottom of our body. Running and swimming are two disciplines considered complementary and very effective. For runners, swimming can even be a progression factor, because of their many benefits for the body! Then while you are swimming the body also does not suffer the impacts on the ground, which considerably relieves the joints and ligaments. Moreover, by improving muscle mass at the top of the body, this helps to maintain good posture when running.


Discipline of endurance, the swimrun is an excellent fat burner! A regular practice allows to draw the muscles in a progressive and harmonious way.Thus, by training regularly, you shoulders get slightly enlarged and straightened, a flat stomach, legs sharpened! Not forgetting that sport regulates our mood, gives us a smile, reduces our stress ... Many physical and moral benefits ... What more can you ask for? 


swim run bag



2)   Two disciplines to avoid lassitude


This allows you to diversify the workouts landscapes and therefore to vary the pleasures! The change of activity makes it possible to step back and break the routine. So, depending on the weather forecast, one can program his training week! Finally, the practice of swimming makes it possible to better recover from its sessions of running. The swimrun offers practitioners plenty of playgrounds to practice! Swimming in open water (lake, sea), in the pool, in outdoor pools, running on the road or on the way ... It may also be interesting to integrate into the program during the winter sessions in the gym (body building, Bike spinning ...)! A multitude of possibilities!


An excellent source of motivation for the swimrunner! However it is recommanded to establish his training plan according to his weaknesses!



3)   A sport close to nature 


This is an essential criterion when asking someone, why start the Swimrun !? Indeed, with this discipline, the sportsman is in total immersion into the nature! The Swimrun takes place exclusively outdoors, so you can enjoy the great landscapes, the sun and nature at every training session! Running trips in the plain, in the forest, in the mountains or in swimming in the natural environment ... It is well understood to do swimrun, it is to rub shoulders with nature and all their elements but also the possibility of training all over !



Outdoor sport is beneficial for both body and mind! This allows oxygenation, evacuating stress, chasing black ideas ... But it is also more motivating to run in the woods for example than to practice alone at home. Without forgetting the many benefits of a swimming out at sea...


There are swimrun events everywhere from now on! It is therefore an opportunity to combine sport and tourism. The events take place in sumptuous settings as the organizers take advantage to promote their region ÖTILLÖ, Hells Hop, Loch Gu Loch, Rockman.  ...  And for the more motivated, it is also possible to go abroad to run and swim in places more beautiful than the others!


4) Practise sport everywhere, all the time!

Early in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening when coming back from work, on weekends ... Training at the Swimrun can be done at any time! We put on our running shoes, our outfit and we're ready for a running session! Obviously, in the city it is more complicated, but by inquiring on the Internet, one necessarily finds a nice corner. As for swimming, swimming pools and natural environments are not lacking in France and for the running the moments do not lack to offer a small session of crawl. In the countryside, in town, in the mountains, whether at home or on holiday, you can train everywhere! You can run and swim (almost) everywhere!

It is only in winter, when conditions are bad or dangerous, that one must spend more time in the pool, on a home trail or a treadmill. However, this allows all the same to train all the year ... Moreover, the gyms are not lacking in France!


5)   A race in pairs synonymous with sharing and mutual support


This is one of the reasons why the Swimrun is very popular with athletes. Unlike many endurance sports, the swimrun is practiced in pairs! Thus, one breaks a little the solitary effort of the triathlete for example. The correct balance of the pair depends on whether the sporting event is successful.


Therefore it is the opportunity to share a unique moment with a friend and to cultivate this complicity. Whatever the distance, the Swimrun remains a demanding discipline! It can include many unforeseen events related to nature or to ourselves. Thus, we overcome together the hazards of the course, a help not inconsiderable that is not found in an individual sport.




swim run 10 very good reasons


6)   A discipline more accessible than triathlon


Today, many triathletes and runners head for the Swimrun. From a financial and time-use perspective, triathlon requires more concessions. Indeed, the swimrun requires only a specific neoprene suit and a pair of adapted running trail. Moreover, no need therefore to invest for example, hundreds of euros in a bike see more in a time trial model. The bike remains an important investment, both financial and also in terms of training time.


Of course, the Swimrun practice is nonetheless a significant cost, but all the advantages of this sport take precedence over this point. Moreover, with the democratization of this activity, we should see a rapid decline in the prices of enrollments and equipment.


7) A sport that explodes in the number of races

The Swimrun phenomenon is on! In 2016 alone, the European calendar of this sporting practice went from two events to sixteen! And this is just the beginning, now we find a Swimrun event practically every weekend during the triathlon season! Thus, swimrunners can compete in many races, but also in many formats to satisfy everyone.


A discipline that is not reserved only for high-level sportsmen! Super Sprint, Sprint, standard format, Long, Ultra ... All that remains is to choose according to his level or his objective! The Swimrun, a discipline exploding! About: Bike'éco


8)  Ongoing development of specific products

Head is the first manufacturer to have developed combinations and accessories dedicated to the practice of Swimrun! Since then, many brands have not long to understand the magnitude of the phenomenon and thus to position! Aquaman, Mako, Orca ...


The French market of swim and run is now sufficiently developed! Thus, it is now super simple to find a specific neoprene suit, shoes and swimming accessories! And this sport will continue to progress with the technologies used in the equipment ...


9)  Setting new challenges and transcending oneself


The Swimrun is a great way to set new challenges, to surprise yourself and to exceed its limits! This is a physically demanding test because of unusual and repeated changes between horizontal and vertical position! So, no matter how far you go, finishing a Swimrun is a great pride, a synonym for a goal!


So this is a great way to get ahead, but above all to gain self-confidence! In addition, the pride of seeing progress in training and competition is an incredible sensation!



10)   A friendly atmosphere and a mixed sport


The practice of a sporting activity is above all the opportunity to make beautiful encounters! Besides sharing an incredible moment with your pairs, the swimrun presents a fun side as well as federating. Moreover, this sport attracts more and more men and women with the same objective: to surpass themselves! As for trail and triathlon, the swimrun has created a real community for a super cool atmosphere! Triathlon enthusiasts and runners who want to challenge themselves will certainly find themselves on some Swimrun events.


I do not know how to swim the crawl or I have serious shortcomings in Running? It is enough for me to register in one of the many swimming or running clubs in France! In order to learn and progress much faster while training in group, in good mood and conviviality.  In summary, the swimrun or swim and run is ideal for the body as for the head! It allows both to be in shape and to forge a homogeneous musculature, while varying the pleasures between swimming and running! All you have to do is find a partner and start the Swimrun adventure! Guaranteed sensations! 


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