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Spearguns for spearfishing, Make the right choice

Currently on the market, there are many models and many brands offer spearguns for spearfishing. The purchase of this equipment can become very quickly a real headache! Each year new spearguns come on the market and are increasingly effective, however, the spearfisher lost in the choice. 


There are two main types of spearguns on the spearfishing market : Pneumatic spearguns and band powered guns (dominate the market today). Of these two speargun types, band powered guns are the most popular guns on the market ( silent when shot and very easy to maintain).


Choosing the speargun for underwater fishing, advices Scubaland store and the right questions to be asked.


To capture fish, spearfisher have the choice between the band powered guns or pneumatic superguns : 



 Band-powered guns


Pneumatic speargun



Band-powered guns - make the right choice, scubaland advices


Pneumatic spearguns - make the right choice


How to choose a band powered guns or pneumatic spearguns ?

1 - Which size for my speargun ?


The choice of the size of your spearfishing speargun depends on three things: your level, your style and your hunting location.

It is true that for a beginner, a speargun in length of 75 or 90 cm remains versatile and handy. The Speargun will not cause you problems to armaments, to go underwater, and will bring decent accuracy and scope.


Your spearfishing style will also play a role in choosing your spearfishing gun.


For spearfishing in hole, prefer a spearfishing gun 50 or 60 cm. Less cumbersome, the spearfishing gun allows access to narrow gaps.


Example of spearguns :

For sea bed hunting Spearfishing, which is to surprise the fish turning a rock, will be facilitated by speargun from 75 to 90 cm. These speargun lengths underwater will provide an excellent compromise between maneuverability / accuracy.


Example of spearguns :


For spearfishing in “agachon” where you are posted to the water bottom to "wait for the fish", prefer a speargun at least 90 cm to 140 cm depending on the visibility. The latter will indeed affect the size of your speargun. More visibility is great (sea style Mediterranean, Pacific Ocean, California with a little luck ...), the more you can afford to take a speargun with a barrel length greater (110 to 140 cm) that fits you bring precision and scope necessary for this type of hunting.


Example of spearguns :

Finally for hunting casting, orient yourself on a speargun at least 100cm.


2 – The barrel of spearfishing gun


The barrel of the spearfishing gun will differentiate itself by its material (aluminum, carbon or fiberglass), its shape and its diameter. The speargun in aluminum has an advantage: its cost. The speargun in carbon brings lightness and optimum strength.


Some of speargun barrels will preformed (egg cuttlefish ...) to provide buoyancy, or will have an integral shaft guide for guidance and increased accuracy.


A tube of 25 mm on spearfishing gun brings lightness and maneuverability. A tube of 28mm on the speargun will increase the rigidity and balance.


3 - The spear of spearfishing gun:


Prefer for your spearfishing gun, an arrow stainless steel and high strength, between 6 and 7 mm minimum diameter. First, for each size of spearguns, a "theoretical" length of speargun spears and shafts for spearfishing corresponding:


Size speargun / length of speargun spear or shaft

  • 50 cm / 75 cm
  • 60 cm / 90 cm
  • 75 cm / 115 cm
  • 90 cm / 130 cm
  • 100 cm / 140 cm
  • 110 cm / 150 cm
  • 120 cm / 160 cm
  • 130 cm / 170 cm
  • 140 cm / 180 cm

How to choose the speargun spear ?


4 - The power bands of speargun

How to choose the power bands of my speargun ?


Spearguns are equipped with power bands which differ in their diameter, size and manufacturing.


A diameter of 16 mm will bring ease of your speargun loading. A diameter of 18 mm is a good compromise accuracy / power for your spearfishing gun. Finally a bigger bungee (19 or 20 mm), will give you the power but require more force to arm your spearfishing gun.


Example of power bands:

  • Rubber bands Imersion 20mm
  • Sandow meter Esclapez Firestorm

For double bands:


Size spearfishing spearguns / Length bands

  • 50 cm / 13 cm
  • 60 cm / 16 cm
  • 75 cm / 18-21 cm
  • 90 cm / 22-24 cm
  • 100 cm / 25-27 cm
  • 110 cm / 28-31 cm
  • 120 cm / 32-36 cm
  • 130 cm / 35-38 cm
  • 140 cm / 38 cm

For fast bands:


Size spearfishing spearguns / Length bands

  • 50 cm / 39 cm
  • 60 cm / 42 cm
  • 75 cm / 48 cm
  • 90 cm / 52 cm
  • 100 cm / 56 cm
  • 110 cm / 60 cm
  • 120 cm / 64 cm
  • 130 cm / 70 cm


5- The Handles or Trigger Mechanismsof of the speargun :


The butt of the handle speargun can also enter the final choice of the speargun. It can be decisive in case of doubt between two models. Some speargun have ergonomic handles, or specific right / left hand, or with easy security system use.


6- The reels or lines of spearfishing gun:


Check that there is a mounting system for the reel of your speargun. The use of the reel spearguns hinders maneuverability but becomes a safety when you master its operation. The reel of spearfishing gun make your job easier on bigger fish or if deeper diving.



Finally, note that a brand and a model speargun large distribution is an insurance to provide spare parts when needed.

Go to on our website to discover our range of spearguns for underwater fishing.


Find all of the range of harpoons and spearguns manufactured by the leading brands of spearfishing: Beuchat, Mares, Cressi, Omersub, Riffe, Salvimar, Seac sub, Sporasub etc ... Pneumatic spearguns or band-powered guns, make your choice !


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