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Spearfishing wetsuits

Spearfishing wetsuits: Our range covers spearfishing jackets, pants and long johns, 3 mm, 5 mm  and 7 mm spearfishing wetsuits, black and camouflage spearfishing wetsuits as well as men and women spearfishing wetsuits, in stock for fast delivery at great prices.

Spearfishing wetsuits protect you from cold but also from abrasion.


The first thing you must decide is which thickness of  Spearfishing wetsuit is best for you.

Generally we would always recommend going thicker rather than thinner if you are unsure.
7 mm Spearfishing wetsuits are ideal for cold water, 5 mm Spearfishing wetsuits are ideal for the Mediterranean Sea, 3 mm Spearfishing wetsuits or less are ideal for the tropics.

In colder conditions we can also offer you 9 mm jackets.

The second thing you must decide is which size of Spearfishing wetsuit is best for you.

In order to avoid water inlets, choose one scuba diving wetsuit which is snug but not too large. We are used to dress plenty of different morphologies, so we can help you. Look at our size chart, but don’t hesitate to contact us to confirm the right size in order to avoid exchange.


After a dive always wash your Spearfishing wetsuit in fresh water, regularly with a disinfectant and allow it to dry in the shade. Avoid leaving neoprene exposed to direct sunlight for long periods as it degrades the neoprene.


How to choose the spearfishing wetsuit ?


Spearfishing wetsuits manufacturers we stock are Beuchat, Cressi, Dessault, Esclapez / Epsealon, Mares, Omer,  Salvimar, Seac Sub, Sporasub...


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