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Buy spearguns available here in rubber powered or air powered spearguns from the main brands Beuchat, C4, Cressi, Epsealon, Imersion, Mares, Omer, Riffe, Salvimar, Seac Sub, Sporasub...

Spearguns are available in two main styles. The way in which the two vary is in how the spear is fired. One form of gun uses rubber bands that catapult the spear forward and the other type of gun uses compressed air. Which type of gun is best depends a lot on your own personal likes or dislikes and the type of water that you are likely to be fishing.


Compressed air spearguns work by holding compressed air inside the barrel section of the gun.  When the spear is inserted into the barrel it sits on top of a piston within the barrel.  The user places a special loading handle over the tip of the spear and forces the spear and piston down the length of the barrel, thus compressing the air further.  When the spear has been compressed far enough the spear gets locked in place by the trigger mechanism.


The length of a rubber speargun refers to the length of the barrel, and the length of a compressed air speargun refers to the length of the complete airgun.


We stock a large range of spearguns and accessories perfect for all your spearfishing needs from top spearfishing brands such as Beuchat, C4, Cressi, Epsealon, Imersion, Mares, Omer, Riffe, Salvimar, Seac Sub, Sporasub...


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If you are new to spearfishing or looking for something different we strongly suggest that you speak to a member of our team. They will be able to guide you, advise you and help you find a speargun to suit all of your needs and expectations. Contact us now. 


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