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Spearfishing Gear & Underwater Fishing equipment 

From Scubaland is easy and safe to buy spearfishing gear. Since 1998, we see all spearfishing gear and accessories from top brands at the lowest prices guaranteed


Buying Underwater fishing gear and accessories on online Scubaland store

Scubaland proposes all the major European brands for spearfishing and our professional team selects the best spearfishing gear and accessories which we stock in our 1500 m2 shop and warehouse, for an immediate dispatch. We cater for all levels of spearfishers from experienced enthusiasts of the spearfishing sport, but also to those new to it, since 1998. So whether you practice spearfishing in the world we have the best spearfishing gear and accessories for you.


We stock an extensive range of spearguns , spears and accessories, spearfishing wetsuits and neoprene accessories such as socks and gloves, freediving computers, spearfishing masks and snorkels, float boards, surface marker buoys, weight systems, spearfishing designed bags... from the main spearfishing brands Omer, Mares, Beuchat, Esclapez-Epsealon, Cressi, Dessault, Imersion, Salvimar, Pathos, Sporasub, Seac Sub, Sigalsub, Riffe...


Scubaland, one of the largest spearfishing shop in Europe

Being the biggest spearfishing store in Europe, means you are in safe hands. It's not just about buying spearfishing gear and accessories; we are and will always be here to help before and after your purchase. If you're unsure of your spearfishing gear and accessories selection, please contact us for qualified advice. If there is a particular item you are looking for and cannot see, please contact us and we will do our best to help. Our friendly customer team is on hand six days a week to answer questions via telephone, live chat or email.


We guaranty Qualified advice, free size exchange, lowest prices and same day delivery.