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Snorkelling gear

How to choose the snorkelling equipment

Snorkelling equipment is very basic unlike other water activities including scuba diving : mask , snorkel, and fins (called MTP Kit) enough for a person to get to the water from the surface and explore the underwater fauna and flora.


Find below the equipment and accessories that allow you to practice snorkeling or snorkeling in good conditions (comfort , security ...) and gain pleasure. To find the selection of snorkelling equipment, go directly into the category aquatic activities on our website.


Choosing snorkelling equipment

Scubaland specialist aquatic activities and snorkelling offers a wide selection of equipment and accessories for this activity. Snorkeling equipment for childrens and adults. 


Snorkelling wetsuits, shorty and rashguards


For your comfort and safety, it is strongly recommended to practice snorkelling with a wetsuit, a rashguard (high protection against UV) or a shorty to keep out the cold, the sun and injury. The body is heavily exposed to UV rays when the snorkeler is in the water that’s why the snorkeling brands offers against UV wetsuits. Wearing a rashguard or 3 mm neoprene thickness wetsuit is sufficient  for warm and temperate waters (25 ° C), taken preferably in wetsuit with a 5 mm neoprene thickness and in lower waters at 15 ° C a thickness of 7 mm.


Choose your snorkelling wetsuit among the brands Aqualung, Beuchat, Cressi, Lavacore, Mares, Seac Sub, Scubapro Subgear directly on the online store.


snorkeling wetsuit and thermical protection

Snorkelling masks


Snorkelling mask is different from that used in diving, spearfishing and freediving. You will find below the characteristics of this type of mask.


Three criteria must be taken into account in the acquisition of a good snorkelling mask :


The field of view it offers should be important to have a good view of the seabed, the appearance of the skirt ( part of the lenses ), often transparent, we recommend to opt for a black and opaque model for the exotic environment to protect you from the high brightness and finally the quality of glass that can be treated against glare , shock , UV , mist ...


You can find a wide selection of snorkelling masks at Scubaland. Choose a mask for snorkelling among the brands Beuchat, Cressi and Mares.


Snorkeling mask scubaland advices

Snorkelling snorkels


The Snorkel is also indispensable that the fins and mask for the practice of snorkelling. The snorkel allows snorkelers to breathe while keeping the face in the water and thus to observe the seabed without having to worry about breathing.


Favoring a flexible, relatively wide snorkel with valve ( or purge ) to easily remove water and ensure that it has a silicone tip for comfort especially during long trips at sea. Snorkeling Sets (fins -Masks - snorkel) are composed of a snorkel adapted to practice this hobby.  


Discover our selection of snorkelling sets on the Scubaland website.


snorkeling snorkel advices for a great choice

Snorkelling fins


Fins are also essential that a mask or snorkel to practice snorkelling for move more easily and for the safety of the snorkeler.


Short fins are generally sufficient, especially for short distances and in a calm sea, in addition, they will take fewer places in your luggage when you leave on vacation diving. However in the case of a regular practice in areas of current or over longer distances , it is advisable to wear your choice on longer swim fins and flexible to gain power of kicking.  


Find the online store Scubaland a wide range of fins for snorkelling.  Your fins among the brands Aqualung, Beuchat, Cressi, Mares and Omersub .


Snorkeling fins advices for a great choice

Snorkelling bags


How to transport and store your Snorkelling equipment?


For this Scubaland offers to snorkelers a wide range of waterproof bags or bags adapted to snorkelling equipment! The snorkeling is not usually required a substantial hardware , so a waterproof bag with a volume of between 20 and 45 liters is often enough, the mesh backpack backpacks and bags Nets are particularly suitable. Snorkelling sets is sometimes delivered directly into a bag, if this is not the case you will find among the various brands selected set bags.


Acquire an underwater camera is the best way to keep memories of your snorkeling trips. In accessories for snorkelling, there are also anti -fog products for the mask and jackets and buoys for safe snorkeler .

snorkeling accessories



How to choose the snorkelling gear ? choosing snorkelling equipment"

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