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Size charts

Size charts scuba diving equipment

When buying a wetsuit or a BCD, you need to make sure that it fits your body shape correctly. Buying an ill-fitting wetsuit can be a waste of money as it’s not going to keep you warm in the water.


Before you buy a wetsuit, please check the size chart. Be aware that every manufacturer uses a slightly different standard - just because you buy a medium t-shirt doesn’t mean you’re a medium wetsuit. We’re all different shapes and sizes and you may find that some brands of wetsuit will fit your body shape better than others.


In case you discover that you are between two sizes, we would suggest to choose the size you are the closest to.




Aqualung Logo - scuba diving



Aqualung size charts


Aqua sphere logo - swimming and triathlon

Aquasphere size charts


Beuchat logo - spearfishing and scuba diving

Beuchat size charts


Logo Cool Shoe - Tongs, sandales et chaussures de plage

Cool Shoe Corporation size charts


Cressi logo - diving and spearfishing

Cressi size charts


Dessault logo - spearfishing

Dessault size charts


Doc's proplugs ear protection

Doc Proplugs size charts


Epsealon logo - Spearfishing

Epsealon size charts 


size charts fluyd salvimar

Fluyd size charts



Fourth element size charts

Fourth element size charts



logo Guy cotten - Cirés et vêtements pour les professionnels de la mer

Guy Cotten Size chart

Head swimming logo - swimrun wetsuits

Head swimming size charts


Hollis logo - dry suits, technical diving clothesLavacore logo - diving undersuits

Hollis - Lavacore size charts



Imersion logo - spearfishing and freediving brand

Imersion size charts


Logo Kalypse - Combinaisons de plongée sur mesure

KALYPSE tailor made suits

Mako logo - swimming and triathlon

Mako size charts


Mares logo - diving, spearfishing and freediving

Mares size charts



logo ocean reef connecting divers plongée sous-marine


Ocean reef size charts



Océanic plongée logo

Océanic Plongée size charts



Omer sub logo - spearfishinglogo sporasub - spearfishingLogo umberto pellizari

Omer - Sporasub - UP size charts



Salvimar logo - spearfishing

Salvimar size charts


Scubapro logo - scuba diving

Scubapro size charts


Seac sub logo - diving and spearfishing

Seac sub size charts


Logo seland - combinaison de triathlon

Seland triathlon size charts


Sharkskin : technical watersports protection

Sharkskin size charts


Speedo : maillots de bain hommes et femmes pour la natation

Speedo swimwear size chart

Logo Téorum - Divewear - Textile plongée

Téorum sportswear size chart

Waterproof size charts

zerod triathlon wetsuit

Zerod size charts

In the swimwear range the neojammers (neoprene jammers) are really snug and we recommendto go one size up than usual.


We hope these information are useful to chose the good size. If you are in doubt about your size, please feel free to contact us.


The list of brands distributed in the store Scubaland :


A : A l'Aise Breizh, Aeris, Allmer, Antivol, Apeks, Apneautic, Aqua Sphere, Aqualung, Aqualung Sport, Aquaman, Aquapac, Aquatec, Aquatys, Armoribreizh, Aryca, Atan

B : Bare, Bauer, Bersub, Best Divers, Beuchat, Beuchat Watches, Breier

C: C4, Canon, Casio, Chris Benz, Citizen, CMA, Crazy Fish, Cressi, Crosscall

D: Desiage, Dessault, Diver Inside, Dragonsub

E : Epoque, Ergy sport, Esclapez – Epsealon, ESM, Europalmus, Eversea

F: Fa and Mi, Fanatik, Fantasea, Flexo, Fourth Element

G: GoPro, Green force, Guy Cotten

H : Head Swimming, Hollis, HPA

I: I-Divesite, Ikelite, Imersion, Inon, Intova, IWave

K:  Kanumera, Klm

L: Lavacore, Leatherman, Life Flag, Light & Motion, Loksak

M: Mako, Marc Valentin, Mares, McNett, Mizuno

N: Nardi

O: Ocean Reef, Oceanic, Olympus, Omersub, Osram

P: Pathos, Peli Products, Poolmate, Poseidon

R: ReefMaster, Riffe, Roth

S: Salvimar, Scubaland, Scubapro, Sea and Sea, Seac Sub, Sealife, Seland, Sevylor, Sigalsub, Sommap, Sony, Spetton, Sporasub, Stered, Subgear, Sublest, Subpack, Sunline, Suunto

T: TA France, Turbo swimwear, Tusa, Typhoon

U: Ultra light, Uwatec

V: Various Suppliers

W: Whites

X: XSories

Z: Zulupack