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Sevylor Canoes & Kayaks

In order to practice a sport regularly or walk with friends or family, discover the boat that suits you in our wide range of canoes and inflatable kayaks! Indeed, while we offer the Sevylor spearfishing equipment, we just decided to expand our field of activity by offering the canoes and inflatable kayaks of this manufacturer. Single-seater, two-seater... There are various models in order to find  what you really need. 

Discover the Sevylor manufacturer.

The French company Sevylor designs and sells kayaks and inflatable boats aimed a comfortable leisure activity for more than 65 years! Indeed, founded in 1948, Sevylor continues to offer original boats, with a unique design. Innovative inflatable kayaks that combine comfort, safety and durability.  


In addition to the kayaks, Sevylor distributes inflatable boats (leisure and fishing), diving and spearfishing , accessories for water recreation in good conditions ... But also "Puddle Jumper" Children's buoys with fun designs so that children can enjoy themselves freely and safely. 




Distribution of the Sevylor Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks range.


With our wide range, you will find the right boat for you: the Tahiti Plus and the Alameda for your family excursions, the Sit on top range and the Reef 240 for discovering the seabed, the Yukon for a practice more sporty. It is a famous brand in the world of inflatable kayaks.The different technologies used in Sevylor PVC kayaks allow you to practice this nautical activity with comfort and safety. 


Why choose an inflatable kayak?  


Compared to rigid kayaks, the inflatable offers great advantages! The clutter and difficulty of carrying a rigid kayak can be deterrent at the time of purchase ... Thus, the inflatable kayak is a more than credible alternative! Lighter, cheaper (in the majority of cases), resistant and easy to implement, it can match the expectations of people who do not have enough space to store a rigid kayak. It is very easy to find room to store your inflatable kayak, but also to transport it wherever you want! Its lightness is also a serious advantage!    


Generally, the inflation is not very long so this does not represent a drawback in the choice of kayak. Canoes Inflatable Kayaks are recommended especially for a leisure, stable and spacious, so they offer more security when going out with the family. The inflatable canoe kayak is strong and resistant to shocks, however, care must be taken to avoid contact with sharp or sharp objects. The use of Inflatable Kayaks is recommended when the weather is nice. You are invited to watch the video below to learn more. 





In summary, rigid kayak is best suited to an intensive kayak sport, while amateurs as well as spearfishers will be seduced by the many advantages offered by inflatable kayaks (price, practicality, resistance, etc ...). This type of boat will guarantee you very nice excursions in sea, lake or calm river, alone, with family or between friends!     Moreover, many fans of spearfishers know for sure the French manufacturer! Indeed, Sevylor offers two submarine boards at super value for money, namely the DiveNet and the DiveHunter! Light and versatile companions, the two boards are ideal for spearfishers.



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