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Contact us

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Warranty, After-Sales Servicing, and Other Scubaland Services


At Scubaland, service is included! We are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction.


Our customer service team is composed of diving experts who are well versed in the lore of modern Diving products. We’ve spent our time exploring the ins and outs of these items so you don’t have to. If you have a question about any of our products, we’ll have the answer!


Warranty for your Equipment

All products sold by Scubaland come with a 2-year warranty, given that the products are used in normal conditions and comply with the terms laid out in the legal warranty.

For additional information, contact us by e-mail at


After-Sales Servicing

Scubaland provides After-Sales Servicing on all the products that we market.

If you encounter a problem with a product that you have purchased from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at we’ll do our utmost to exceed your expectations.


Maintaining and Servicing Your Equipment

Scubaland maintains and repairs your regulators, tanks, BCDs, dive lights...
Scubaland changes your dive watch and dive computer batteries and does a waterproof test on them.

In certain cases, depending on the brand, faulty equipment will have to be sent back to the manufacturer.

To get a detailed estimate, send us your equipment to the following address:
29, rue Amiral Troude
29200 Brest

We will quickly respond to give you the exact cost of our intervention (repair, servicing, etc...) or the manufacturer’s response in the case that we have to return it to the brand’s manufacturer.

We will only complete the service with your permission and after payment.

If the estimate is not to your satisfaction, we will ship your equipment back to you. You only have to pay the shipping costs.


Spare Parts

Scubaland has over 2 500 basic spare parts in stock.

To receive an estimate, send us the specific characteristics of your equipment (brand, model, year of manufacturer...) and the desired parts. Please note that the sale of spare parts of certain equipment is subject to restrictions provided by some manufacturers.


Retesting Your Tanks

Scubaland has their own authorized testing station.

We provide re-certification for all types of current tanks.
Please note, it is mandatory for your tank to have cylinder valves in place.
The required certificate will be given to you with your retested tank.


Pressurizing and Filling Your Tanks

We have our own inflation station for your tanks.

This service is only available in store.


Neoprene Sewing Shop

Scubaland modifies, measures, and repairs all types of neoprene clothing in our own workshop.

These services are done between 72 and 96 hours after we have received your item of clothing which must be clean and dry.

Scubaland also creates other various custom-made neoprene objects: neoprene protection for dive lights, dive computers, dive watches (all of which you will find on our site) or any other object.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive an estimate.


For All Other Information

Contact us by e-mail at