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Specialist Advisor - Scubaland Ambassador

Specialist Advisor at Scubaland


Based in Brest, in the region of Brittany in France, the biggest diving shop hide a great talent named Jean Marie. He is a confirmed specialist advisor in his field and a real funny guy within the team Scubaland! Thanks to his large size and his big beard, he is easily recognizable! Jean Marie helps to enhance the image of the Breton brand! Over the years, Jean Marie has consolidated the pillars of our notoriety and encouraged the launch of our international take-off. Through this portrait, we wish to show our gratitude to this funny phenomenon!

Ambassador: Jean Marie Salaün
Profession: Specialist in a diving shop


University, professional career

For his friends, his family, his colleagues, Jean-Marie is considered a man of the new world. He is the proof that nothing is impossible and that everyone must always persevere in life! From a professional high school, he demonstrates his ingenuity by hoisting up to the Master HR in the famous ESC Brest. During his university career, he had the opportunity to enjoy an university exchange at Sabanci University in Turkey.

Through this experience, he came back to France transformed and spiritually grown. He enthusiastically recounts this episode that completely changed his life and worldview. Indeed, the values ​​conveyed by the Erasmus program, such as freedom of expression, diversity and sharing, are now associated with its way of interpreting the world around it. He often fight against social divisions and cultural integration.


Jean-Maire claims :  "Since this  academic exchange, I find myself completely in the stream of humanist thought. "


Scubaland advisor

The Scubaland adventure ...

A few months after graduating from ESC Brest, he was hired by Decathlon as a salesman in the collective sports department. However, he is frequently called within the "Water" department to bring his knowledge ... Indeed, in scuba diving and spearfishing, the equipment is very technical. Finally, his endless curiosity and professionalism will lead him to the doors of the biggest diving equipment shop in Europe.



Like a fish in the water, he walks his big carcass in the aisles of the store! Whether close to neoprene suits, endless palm shelves, countless options for speargun and masks ... Jean-Marie seems to have found his idyll at Scubaland.
The finesse of his humor, his charisma, his joviality and the nobleness of his advice make him a person appreciated by his collaborators and clients.

Jean Marie's main activities at Scubaland

In addition of  putting  a great atmosphere in the team, Jean Marie is also a competent specialist advisor!

•  Advise clients according to their needs;

• Relationship with the various suppliers of the world of underwater recreation;

• Management of telephone and store orders;

• Highlight of the flagship items in store and on social networks

• And all the other classic functions of a specialized advisor like shelving, facing ...



Objectives & Commitment of a Specialist Advisor

Jean-Marie claims "In the short term, I want to continue my training in spearfishing! In order to improve my skills, I must continue to spearfishing very often and exchange with all my collaborators. In my work, it is very difficult to daydream, I aspire nevertheless to perfect my knowledge until I can say that I am a true Expert. On a daily basis, I am committed to solving the problems of my loyal customers, but also to make my workplace more coltish. "


Jean Marie is the director of a well-oiled mechanical, a remarkable and versatile athlete. "My commitment is to protect our resources and encouraged the growth of our activity. Moreover, I’m fascinated by the marine ecosystem. So, once I see a waste in the sea, I take the time to pick it up (Surfrider, European NGO for the protection of the oceans) "He is the ruler of his own destiny.


Jean Marie and the Scubaland World Contest

"An Spearfisher In An Unusual Place"

"This is the photo contest not to be missed! Intended for the submarine hunting community, it seems to us that most of you are already looking for the most unusual place!. I am ambitious with my shot to establish the record of "I like" for the contest "A Spearfisher In An Unusual Place" sponsored by Scubaland and their partner brands! "


Scubaland Contest Brest

© Image taken at the Carré Golf, equipment store of Golf on Brest



The advice of Jean-Marie

"Exploring, escaping, going beyond, I travel the Brittany coast, from Saint-Brieuc to the Glénan Islands, with the aim of finding the most beautiful spots. "

"In my own experience, to progress in underwater hunting, it's like everything in life, you have to train constantly and spearfishing regularly. Eternal dissatisfied, he remains dubious about the difference between true and bad spearfisher ....(Les inconnus -French humorist) "


Some spearfishing equipments :

"The Beuchat Maxlux S Red mask: Dare the color for more safety while enjoying the comfort of a good mask! The Combination Red Fusion Epsealon: Comfort, design and discretion are the three key words! The Mokorea Carbone Go & Sea fins, for snorkeling beyond 20 meters, have to grow! The JFE Excellence V2 Carbon Fins, Quiet Strength! The Cherokee Ocean Speargun 110cm, very handling; Finally, the Planche Patrol Epsealon simply the best spearshing board on the market! "