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Buy Dry Suits by Apeks, Aqualung, Bare, Beuchat, Cressi, Mares, Poseidon, Scubapro, Seac Sub, Typhoon, Whites…

Dry suits can provide you with much needed thermal protection whilst in the water, ensuring that water doesn’t enter and make contact with the body, this is achieved by trapping a layer of air around them.

Covering you from the neck downwards dry suits are a pivotal piece of diving gear, especially when participating in dives in cold temperature waters. They can also help retain body heat and help prevent serious conditions such as hypothermia.

All the proposed dry suits are made from a compressed neoprene or tri-laminate material with wrist and neck seals made from neoprene or latex ensuring that water doesn’t enter and make contact with the body. The inflation and dump valve on all our dry suits allows you to let air in or out; it is this trapped layer of air that helps retain body heat and prevent hypothermia.

The dry suit is an essential piece of equipment for any diver ensuring their safety whilst in the water.

Dry suits can be split into two main types; Membrane and Neoprene, the main difference being how you control your level of insulation.  


Membrane Vs Neoprene
Membrane dry suits are very light weight but have very little insulation by themselves so they have to be paired with an underwear. If you are diving in colder waters you will require a thicker underwaer to trap more insulating air next to your body. Membrane dry suits are easier to repair because of their simple construction but can be more vulnerable to damage because they are very thin.

Neoprene dry suits have their own thermal properties, keeping you warm even without an underwear. Due to the thicker material the effect of suit squeeze is minimized, reducing any pinching. Neoprene dry suits can withstand more abuse because of their thicker materials but can feel more cumbersome.

Boots Vs. Socks

The feet on dry suits have two variants; Boots or Socks. Boots are fitted that match your shoe size allowing for thick underwear socks. Boots are hard wearing and go straight into your fins as a wetsuit boot will. Most Boots have fin retaining notches on the heel to stop the fin strap slipping off during the dive. Socks are more flexible and can fit a wider range of shoe sizes, they do however require a separate rock boot to be worn to use fins and prevent damage.


We have a selection of dry suits from top scuba diving brands including Apeks, Aqualung, Bare, Beuchat, Cressi, Mares, Poseidon, Scubapro, Seac Sub, Typhoon, Whites


If you need any help choosing a dry suit please feel free to contact us. We will guide you in the right direction depending on your needs and expectations.