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Buy Scuba diving Bags and Boxes from top brand names such as Apeks, Aqualung, Beuchat, Crazy Fish, Cressi, Guy Cotten, HPA, Mares, Peli Products, Scubapro...


It is important to make sure that you have the suitable storage methods for your diving gear. Having the right size scuba diving bag or box will ensure that you are able to fit everything into it with ease and comfort.  As well as making sure that it is the correct size it must also be durable and as lightweight as possible. And a good scuba diving bag such as those shown here will offer your diving equipment good protection against damage in transport.


We have a fine range of Scuba diving Bags and Boxes available suitable for storing and carrying all of your diving accessories and equipment. Available in a range of sizes and styles you can pick out something that suits your taste, needs and demands. We offer bags of all sizes from small dive computer pouches right through regulator cases, holdalls, cases to huge roller backpack solutions for those going further afield.  

Our travel bags are made of the latest lightweight materials which are super durable and devoid of external straps. 

  • Mesh bags allow your kit to quickly drain whilst keeping it safely together.
  • Roller bags are handy when you have to transport a lot of dive kit. Wheels on one end take most of the weight whilst you pull the bag usually via a telescopic handle.
  • Backpacks have been sewn into some bags where you need to transport gear over rough surfaces and wheels just won't cut it.

Some of the very largest bags allow you not only to take all your dive gear but have enough room for your personal effects when aboard a live aboard. Peli Products Boxes are the best way to protect very sensitive gear such as underwater cameras and lights.


We have bags and boxes available from top brand names Apeks, Aqualung, Beuchat, Crazy Fish, Cressi, Guy Cotten, HPA, Mares, Peli Products, Scubapro...