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Sales advisor - Scubaland Ambassador

Sales Advisor in a diving shop

  • Ambassador: Geoffrey
  • His profession: Sales Advisor

Get into the daily routine of Geoffrey, a spearfisher expert and sales advisor in the specialized dive shop in Scubaland. With this article, you will discover his world, his passion and his professional advice.  

  • His career, his work :


Characterized by a very good relationship to his customer and capacity to share its passion, Geoffrey (Goff for his closest friends) admits without any concession or taboos to have fallen in love with the sea since his childhood. He always felt attracted to the scuba diving world. Due to an university cursus that he judged like “classic”, he worked for various companies for a short time. Then few time later, he was hired by a shop specialized in spearfishing. Some wonderful years that ensure Geoffrey to be 100% involved in his passion. Unfortunately, the economic health of the shop has eventually forced him to quit. It was the end of a great history and the start into an even greater one.

Very soon after, Scubaland asked him to join their team as a sales advisor. He didn’t think twice before embarking on the Scubaland adventure.

The Scubaland adventure

Flash back after one successful year in Scubaland : “Today I’m happy like a fish in the water. I’m lucky to work literally in my passion and surrounding by great people. I love the smell of neoprene in the morning”. From now on, Geoffrey participates in the renewal of the Scubaland organization which constantly grows up in order to attract more new talents.

Being instructor of the French spearfishing federation, passionate competitor, SEAC brand ambassador, JFE shop tester, member of Agachon Tranquille… He dedicates his time to develop his sportive activity.

Polyvalent, ambitious, dynamic, our Scubaland sales advisor lives his life at 1000km/h. He is often asked  for his opinion on the performance of the product in the shop as well as in internet. Along with his buddy Jean Marie, there are “ the two bearded” have become the two muses of Scubaland.

His principal activities:

  • To meet customer’s expectations

  • To adapt to the need of each client

  • To learn, share and teach among sea lovers

  • To provide clients the best service possible.


Geoffrey Gayer


His  commitments, his goals :

Every single day, Geoffrey shows his  expertise and his knowledge in spearfishing. Actually, our spearfisher is looking forward to perfectionate his know-how in scuba diving. He thinks, the best way to learn, it’s to practice. “ I want to understand the use of each material in order to advice their uses in different situation. In this moment, I am attending the course PADI Advanced Open Water with Eau Libre in the Scubaland‘s premises. 

The spearfishing advises of Geoffrey :


“First of all, we should avoid to go spearfishing alone, we should find out about the law and rights on the spearfishing spot. I support a responsible practice of the spearfishing’s activity and not to underestimate its skills. The spearfishing requires to have a good health practices on top of that, with a regular training in order to stay in good shape. Therefore, it is necessary to dive in the sea to learn, analyze, and understand the environment and behaviour of the fish. “

“As a sale advisor, I often encourage my clients not to  fear and to invest in equipment. It’s a sign of confidence, nice feeling and the secret of a good practice. According to my experience, we do not need to be an excellent spearfisher to buy a good equipment. Fins with carbon blades are best that we can find actually in the market” The expertise of Geoffrey on our equipment ensures us to have a great recognition in Europe.

Thanks to the knowledge of Geoffrey, Scubaland is glad to offer you solutions adapted to your needs and your requirements. There is always THE material adapted to each spearfisher, to a small budget or a specific request, be sure that we will find your equipment.


Ambassador Scubaland

Spearfishing equipment of Geoffrey :