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Float board

Safety and signal accessories while spearfishing

How to choose your float board or surface marker buoy for spearfishing or underwater hunting ?


Spearfishing Surface Marker Buoys (SMB's) are an essential spearfishing equipment to warn other participants on the water and to inform them about your presence. Without a marker buoy, you are almost invisible to boat traffic or other divers and spearfishers.


We distinguish between two categories:

  • The spearfishing float board  
  • The spearfishing surface marker buoy

The spearfishing float board:

Spearfishing float boards offer more security than a standard buoy. On top of the visiual attention, it also serve as resting or even rescue area in case of cramps, tiredness or exhaustion. Moreover, in case you need to reach long distance spearfishing spots, the spearfishing board helps to reach that area quickly.


There are several board spearfishing models which differ in their size, their equipment and materials. Regarding the size, you will have mean sizes with spearfishing float Okipa 3 or the Seac See Mate and big sizes with the most popular board Dive Hunter. Depending on the spearfishers body dimensions, the size of the spearfihsing board needs to be adapted. Regarding the material, we also differ between classic canvas such as the Sevylor Dive Hunter or zodiac canvas such as the Beuchat Guardian. Last, but not least, some spearfishing boards even come fully equiped with hoos to attach the speargun, waterproof bags to keep the fish, mesh or flagpole.


Discover our wide range of spearfishing float boards


The spearfishing surface marker buoy:

The important role of marker buoy is to draw the attention of others on you. Placing a marker buoy, you make sure to be seen by boats crossing your diving area. In addition, you can use the signal buoy to attach various spearfishing accessories like your net, fish hook or your watertight capsule. If your are near by cliffs, better choose a double envelope marker buoy being more resistant when touching a rock.


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