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The Best Small Liveaboards for Escaping the Crowds
Whilst large liveaboards are great for getting to know more people, there is something very special about small liveaboards. Read more
10 great tips for safe shark dives
Shark diving is high on many divers wish lists and rightly so; it’s an incredible experience – both relaxing and exhilarating getting close to nature’s perfect predators. Read more
4 Unmissable Dive Destinations for 2019
The 2019 dive year is well underway and there are some great new dive destinations to discover. Read more
New Scubaland UK website
We are pleased to introduce our brand new website with a new look and more interactivities ! Read more
HEAD swimsuits & swimming caps
Scubaland is expanding its HEAD swimming range by including "Phase" and "Swim" swimsuits as well as nice "Meteor" and "Molded" swimming caps. Read more
Sevylor Canoes & Kayaks
Scubaland has a very great opinion on Sevylor canoes and kayaks. They make very affordable infladable products aiming high-quality and strength. Read more
10 Good Reasons To Start Swimrun
Are you fancy to start an emerging sport ? You may read this article on 10 good reasons why you should start swimrun. It is a mix of endurance sports, mutual support, beautiful landscapes and many others reasons. Read more
Event : DAN Road Trip at Scubaland
Are you fancy to learn about a safe behavior while scuba diving ? So meet the world leader dive insurance at the dive shop Scubaland ! Read more
Foreign Customer Relationship Manager - Scubaland Ambassador
At Scubaland, our customers' satisfaction is at the heart of our business, it doesn't matter where they are in the world. If someone ask her how she does in order to explain her success, she will told you to read this article. Kerstin Ritter is kind, professional and has a very a high sense of humor. Read more
Diving Equipment Technician - Ambassador Scubaland
Scubaland is one of the biggest fully authorized Regulator Servicing, Dive Computer and BCD Servicing in France and in Europe. Every battery changes are pressure tested in our shop at Scubaland. The dive computer battery intervention is covered by a 3 month warranty. We ensure the quality of our maintenance and only use manufacturers service kits provided from the official manufacturer. Read more
Specialist Advisor - Scubaland Ambassador
Since 1988, Scubaland has boldly transmitted the values of scuba diving in France and abroad. Since its launched, the Scubaland store has placed customer’s expectations at the heart of every trade while perpetuating a long tradition as an expert in its sector of activity Read more
Purchasing Manager - Scubaland Ambassador
In Scubaland, our best value is the Human. As a purchasing manager, I try to offer the best range of products to our customers. Read more
Scubaland World Contest
From 1 July to 12 August, the dive shop Scubaland is organizing an Spearfisher Photo Contest. Spearfishers will have to be original! Indeed, the theme of this first edition is: A Spearfisher In An Unusual Place. Read more
Sales advisor - Scubaland Ambassador
Get into the daily routine of Geoffrey, a spearfisher expert and sales advisor in the specialized shop in Scubaland. With this article, you will discover his world, his passion and his professional advice. Read more
Neoprene Technician Expert : Ambassador Scubaland
The campaign "Scubaland Ambassador" has been set in order to promote the daily work of your collaborators. Have a look inside the daily routine of Nicolas Grolleau... Read more