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Foreign Customer Relationship Manager - Scubaland Ambassador


Foreign Customer Relationship Manager - Scubaland Ambassador


Nowadays we observe a more feminine movement in the scuba diving world. Indeed the last year, scuba brands offer different ranges of suits and equipment dedicated to women, with a lot of colors. A touch of lightness which gives a new breath to the diving industry and which gives us the hope to see more women practicing this incredible activity. This week, we would like to present you the portrait of a key figure in Scubaland. This is Kerstin Ritter, a person with a big heart, in charge of customer relations on behalf of the foreign web sites at Scubaland.


Our Scubaland Ambassador

Ambassador: Kerstin Ritter
• Quadrilingual (German, French, English and Italian)
Profession: Foreign Customer Relationship Manager (see image below)



© International e-commerce strategy Scubaland

At the beginning of the 20th century, the practice of scuba diving was almost exclusively military or scientific. Because of this, diving was expensive, physically demanding and at high risk. However, thanks to the countless technological advances, diving has become increasingly accessible with advance in terms of diving equipment but also in its pedagogy.


Today, scuba diving has become a recreational activity practiced and practicable by men, women and children of different ages and all over the world. Scubaland wants to take advantage of this and that is why the company, based in Brest, has embarked on an international e-commerce strategy. The current e-commerce web sites allow Scubaland to cover the majority of European countries but also to see much further ...Thanks to Kerstin, you can find a web site of Scubaland as follows :


·         English, - Scuba Diving shop, Spearfishing & Watersports equipment

·         German, - Tauchshop Online für Taucher, Schwimmer und Triathleten

·         Italian, - Negozio online di attrezzatura subacquea, pesca sub & apnea

·         As well as Portuguese, - Equipamentos de mergulho, caça submarina, natação e triatlo


His professional career

She has always been attracted by the beauty of the oceans and the sound of the waves. Kerstin Ritter did not always have the chance to live in Brittany. Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, she has a multitasking profile which enabled her to succeed everywhere. For instance, she has evolved in the field of customer relations and administration at ERAMET INTERNATIONAL and LAPP KABEL and she used to adapt to the wishes and desires of customers. Gradually, she developed her team spirit, her management skills and the culture of excellence.


My goal is to guarantee the satisfaction of my customers : before, during and after their purchase. I must say that I quickly noticed that divers are a passionate clientele ... Indeed, divers really have a great sense of humor, that is why it is always a pleasure to be able to help them.

Her main activities within the Scubaland diving shop :

Kerstin has the particularity of being ultra-versatile! She is actually present on several fronts within the company.

• Ensure compliance with order processing;
• Translate the updated content on the various e-commerce web sites;
• Manage all client files and call centers for telephone service;
• Lead and manage customer service;
• Manage orders in German, English, French and Italian;
• Listen, understand and resolve customer concerns;
• Monitor and ensure that 100% of clients are satisfied;
• Expand Scubaland's international reputation

Her commitments, her objectives:

"At Scubaland, our customers' satisfaction is at the heart of our business, wherever they are in the world. The success of my work ?  I explain it by my commitment and my involvement. In addition, I have the intimate conviction that my job is to offer impeccable customer service. More than a positive attitude, I want Scubaland customers to be proud of the service we offer. "
"Scubaland wants to put the quality of human relations in the heart of their activities!"


Kerstin's advice:

Kerstin entrusts for the first time on the reasons that made her want to settle in Brittany. "Ultimately, I do not really have any advice to give either in scuba diving or spearfishing. Moreover, it is for me the opportunity to declare my love to Brittany ... Indeed, ten years ago I fell in love with Brittany. This mysterious and authentic region is full of charming little corners. Every week, I go to discover its natural wealth and gastronomy. For a German like me, Brittany is the paradise on Earth "

"When I came to Brittany, I also discovered a new family, because I felt welcomed by my colleagues at Scubaland. Even if sometimes I make small errors in French, my colleagues are very understanding and do everything necessary to make me feel comfortable. As a Foreign Customer Relationship Manager, I am very proud to work with this team. "A successful cultural exchange for a Scubaland team, which faces all the challenges.

The favorite equipment of Kerstin: a combination Alize Beuchat 3mm woman. It is a versatile combination, as it is suitable for both diving and snorkeling. When using, I appreciate the comfort and flexibility of the Alize suit.


In the diving profession section

Several portraits of ambassadors have been published in the diving professions section. Through these presentations of the professions in the biggest diving shop in Europe, we reveal the secrets of the profession of diving equipment technician, neoprene couturier, specialized salesman and purchasing manager at Scubaland. Thus, the web site “Le Petit Plongeur has elaborated the campaign "Les Ambassadeurs Scubaland" to promote the scuba diving prosperity.

Would you like to be part of the community of authors of the blog “Le Petit Plongeur” ? Share your passion for an aquatic or underwater sport? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible and to read your article. Subsequently, if the article meets our publication criteria then the team will be happy validate and publish the post.