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Diving Equipment Technician - Ambassador Scubaland

Diving Equipment Technician - Ambassador Scubaland


Ambassador: Kevin Papon
His profession : Diving Equipment Servicing Technician

The diving professions are very diversified, our purpose in this article is to discover the work of Diving Equipment Serving. Get inside of the Kevin Papon's daily life, the tecnician in charge of the Dive Computer Battery Charges and the Regulator Servicing at Scubaland. His role is to maintain and repair the diving equipment.

His career, his profession as :


Thanks to the help and unconditional support of his teachers, Kevin found the way to the doors of the diving largest shop in Europe, Scubaland. According to Kevin, who always smiles while thinking about his job interview, he claimed that its hired was very fast. Arrived in September 2012, Kevin finally succeeded in becoming an expert in his branch of activity through the strength of his obstinacy, perseverance and great motivation.


For nearly a year, he has followed the trainings of major suppliers such as Mares, Aqualung, Scubapro, Beuchat and Suunto. After his training, Kevin then devoted himself to the practice in his studio Scubaland. It was hours of work in order to find logic and perfect fingering. As proof, he enjoys an excellent reputation among diving brands.



Workshop Scubaland

Its main activities:

·         Diving Equipment Servicing

·         Dive Computer Battery Changes

·         Regulator Servicing

·         BCD Servicing

·          Continuous training in the industry


Its commitments and objectives:

Among his initiatives, Kevin applies all his energies in order to reduce the time required to review diving regulators. He ensures to their clients the best to improve and optimize the delays. "Always positive, I love my work", our composer is a positivist in his personal life as well as in his professional life. It's always a pleasure to listen to Kevin's voice on the phone, which promises to guarantee you the best performance.

Kevin's advice:

"It is essential to rinse its regulator with clear water after each dive. This is the secret of a long use! Nevertheless, to dive safely it is necessary to check your regulator every 2 years or every 100 dives. Therefore, you will avoid problem while diving and keep your regulator longer. When it comes to changing batteries, he strongly recommends calling authorised shop as Scubaland!
Finally to conclude, Kevin reveals us his favorite regulator at the best price quality level: Beuchat VR 200.


Thanks to the expertise of Kevin, Scubaland offers an easy, fast, less expensive and professional solution, especially for the revision of dive regulators on the internet. It is today one of the only ones in the Brittany region to offer these types of services.
Do you also want to make your passion for scuba diving your profession? Why not get started as a maintenance technician or Neoprene Technician Expert !