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Neoprene Technician Expert : Ambassador Scubaland

Neoprene Technician Expert in Scubaland

  • Ambassador : Nicolas Grolleau
  • His profession  : Neoprene Technician Expert 

Have a look inside the daily routine of Nicolas Grolleau, a native of Concarneau, a lovely little town in the Nord-West of France. With this article, we provide a comprehensive view on the profession of neoprene sewing in Scubaland.

  • His career, his work : 

Being a young boy, Nicolas had the pleasure to put the first steps into the clear water of Brittany in the Nord-West of France. At only 8 years, he was familiarized with the use of the basic scuba diving equipement : fins, mask, tuba and a wetsuit. Experimented diver with a creative genius, over the years Nicolas has developed his neoprene know-how in his workshop in Concarneau. “As a resultat of the customer’s expectations and needs that I learn my work”.  The neoprene business has become a great passion for Nicolas, who is actually able to create a scuba diving wetsuit with some pieces of neoprene.


Neoprene expert on the dive shop scubaland brest


During a SEAC’s conference in Italia, the two scuba diving leading actors Nicolas Grolleau and Dominique Soriot, the chairman of Scubaland, met. A few months later, they decided to cooperate in future.  Destiny or just timing, Scubaland was looking for an extremely well-qualified couturier in order to improve their products ranges. 


His principal activities :


- Neoprene liquid out  (pissette in french) 

Neoprene workshop services 

Repair of silicone mounting ring for dry suit

- Cuffs change  


  • His commitments, his goals :

According to Nicolas, « The client is king, I work hard to provide the best service as possible. I usually advise and inform my customers according how take care and the use of the neoprene. I have a specificknow-how thus I try to share my knowledge as much as I can”. Scubaland is lucky to count on a neoprene expert and philanthropist as well. Thanks to its great reputation as a neoprene expert, he has grow up the notoriety of neoprene repair and continues to satisfy the loyal Scubaland customers. “Actually, I am starting to introduce the colourful pee valve to the market. It’s already a best seller in my town ! ” claims our expert Nicolas.


Nicolas grolleau, neoprene expert on the dive shop scubaland

  • The advices of Nicolas :

"Do you want to know the secret to keep your scuba diving suit as long as possible ? It is very easy, after every single use you should rinse it with clear water inside and outside. Nevertheless be careful, I strongly recommend to dry and store your suit indoor, day and night. In fact, lunar rays can also damage the neoprene. Even if you expose your neoprene suit at two full moon, the result could be dramatic.”


Mon coup de coeur (personal favorite) : the colorful vale liquid is really fun for spearfishers and according to divers we are unique shop in Europe offering repairs and silicone mounting ring for dry suit.


Thanks to the knowledge of Nicolas, Scubaland is glad to professional and easy way for your scuba diving repair and maintenance and a fair price.