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Purchasing Manager - Scubaland Ambassador

As the Scubaland's reputation is growing in the scuba diving industry, we could observe two key factors of success: the professionalism of human resources and the specificity of the skills that coexist in the biggest Dive Shop in Europe. Technician computer maintenance, technician neoprene expert, SEAC ambassador, purchasing manager...Get inside the daily routine of The Scubaland Ambassadors. Today, you will discover the portrait of Jeremy Uzel, a dynamic, smiling and pedagogue professional.

  • Ambassador: Jérémy Uzel
  • His work: Purchasing Manager & Sales Advisor at Scubaland

His career, his profession

The coincidences of life. At 18 years, Jérémy began to find a passion for the spearfishing. Over the years, he bought his first gear and begun to spearfishing with their friends. Athlete with a very complete profile (athletic champion in his youth), Jeremy is a hard worker. While he is still studying, he worked as a sports coach for women in a sports hall as well as an athletics instructor at the sports faculty of Brest located in the North West of France.

He smiles"it's true, I have an atypical career." While he is at the height of his university studies, he continues to spearfishing two or three times a week. "Personally, I find that spearfishing is synonymous with escape and relaxation. After having fun in the sea, I feel in peace with myself…. After 5 years of studies, Jérémy finally graduated of STAPS Master in the perspective of becoming an EPS teacher or technical specialist in a club. However, the call of the wide open will be stronger than him ...

The beginning of the Scubaland adventure

After only two months in the work market, he joined the Scubaland team in the spring of 2010 as a sales advisor. It's time! To learn and master the products, he began to read daily specialized magazines of the scuba diving industry. Moreover, since he was at Scubaland, Jeremy gradually formed himself as a recreational diver. Thanks to the support of the dive center Eau Libre and the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Training, better known under the initials FFESSM, it can go down to 60 meters deep with his N3 in his pocket.

At the beginning, he got into Scubaland as a spearfishing consultant. Nevertheless, he discovered a true passion for scuba diving in the premises of Scubaland. Indeed, over the years Jeremy has become the specialized advisor in the diving department of Scubaland. Moreover, as a purchasing manager,
it is necessary to know continuously more than 8 000 product references! Whether it's Internet exclusives or in-store items. It is a real key role within the company!


His mains activities:

  • Offer the best prices to customers,

  • Select new product ranges

  • Highlight products at the best price

  • Search for suppliers or new products

  • Keep good relation with the leading diving brands ... (Omer, Mares, Beuchat, Cressi, Epsealon, Seac Sub, Aqualung, Scubapro ...)

  • Meet with suppliers of the water sports sector and evaluate proposals

  • Monitor inventory management

  • Find the most suitable product for each use;

  • Helping our followers in their sports practices;

  • Advise clients


His commitments, his objectives

"In Scubaland, we try to offer you the best value for all our products throughout the year. As a purchasing manager, I try to offer the best range of products to our customers. I observe trends on previous year's product sales to set up my future purchases. This is not always simple especially when new sports like the swim run have arrived in the water sports sector. "The scuba diving and spearfishing brands are marketing more and more new ranges and are constantly innovating.
For the year 2017, Jeremy also wants to show Scubaland's interest to respect the environment and to be a key of progress in the heart of the city of Brest. "I try to select high-quality products with the intention of offering them at the best price. This is a major factor; however, I also try to see the environmental impact. This is an approach that our Brest customers appreciate. "

The advice of Jeremy

Jérémy is sometimes confused about comments and opinions that can be found on the net. "Sometimes it's better to rely on the professional network of professionals rather than forums. Our network of professionals is present to advise according to the uses of each client. In addition, I plan to give a new turn to my diving training, indeed, I aim to pass the levels of technical diving: side mount, recycler, trimix ... And so, consider offering a range of diving products TEK. "

"Moreover, the recreational spearfisher who appreciate a comfortable material and with a good longevity, I recommend the new range of Epsealon combinations. It is a product with good heat retention, a flexible neoprene coupled with a bold design. Moreover, the opinions of our Scubaland customers towards this range are all very positive. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on technical equipment or not. We are happy to help you and find the best compromise in relation to your budget and your project. "The Scubaland team optimizes its value chain every day to improve customer satisfaction.

Every week, the diving blog Le Petit Plongeur highlights a diving trade! See you next week to discover a new portrait!


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