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How to choose a mask for scuba diving

Underwater diving and snorkeling will discover the beauty of underwater fauna and flora. A suitable mask will enhance your view of the underwater world. In addition, the size and shape of the mask are devised to simplify pressure equalizing manoeuvres through the nose. The diving mask is essential equipment to see clearly underwater.

Different types of mask

Diving masks with a single lens, offer a very wide field of vision (snorkeling), while masks with two lenses, have smaller internal volumes more suitable for freediving because facilitate pressure equalisation manoeuvres via the nose. Some masks can be fitted with optical correction lenses and/or have specific lens, renders colours more naturally, with greater luminosity and better contrast. Transparent skirts are more attractive, black skirts are better at reducing lateral reflections.


A classic diving mask can be used in scuba diving, snorkeling and leisure freediving. A spearfisher or confirmed freediver choose a specific mask with low internal volume!


The comfort and ergonomics of your diving mask are also essential to guarantee you an optimum underwater experience. Silicon skirts, fitted to majority diving masks, are preferred for their flexibility and seals.

Usage tips

The mask must fit the face naturally, without causing discomfort: that’s why you must try it on before you choose if possible.  

  • Try your diving mask by applying it without the strap, inhale through your nose and hold your breath: if the diving mask stands alone is the one for you!
  • Prefer a diving mask with a soft silicone skirt, to adapt better to the shape of your face.
  • Be careful that the middle of the diving mask does not come press your forehead.
  • Test pinching your nose with diving mask and verify that no crease is formed under the nose.
  • Also check that the nose does not hurt when the strap of the diving mask is tight.

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