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How to choose a diving snorkel ?


A good snorkel is a snorkel suitable for your activity: diving, spearfishing, swimming ... The difference mainly be to the level of breathing comfort and the choice will be according to your body, a child less than 12 years old for example use a snorkel with a diameter smaller than a snorkel for adults. This is why we find on the market of aquatic and underwater sports a large choice of snorkels for children. The Snorkel can be used for many water activities however according leisure, the choice of snorkel may be different. 


The choice of diving snorkel

In diving, it is important that the tuba is the least inconvenient possible. The tuba is not diving equipment most used, however it is a security element, so it should not neglect their choice. A diving snorkel can also be used also during your spearfishing or snorkeling outings. Snorkel consists of 4 elements what are: The tube, the mouthpiece and chamber, the deflector and the valve. 


It is important that it is comfortable and little emconbrant. The comfort and the size or shape of the tuba are the two main criteria to consider when buying. The criteria taken into account are different depending on the use you make of it. For diving, the inspiratory and expiratory comfort, the wearing comfort and size are the main criteria.


The top of the diving snorkel will either be a simple opening or will have a wave deflector or dry top valve fitted. The simple opening is the most efficient solution and allows unrestricted flow of air in and out of the snorkel. For comfort, choose a mouthpiece should always be made using silicone



Buy your snorkeling suitable with our advice and choose from the wide range of diving snorkels brands as Aqualung, Scubapro, Cressi, Mares, Beuchat, Seac Sub ... at the best price.