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How to choose the right pair of spearfishing socks ?


Make it easy and check some advices from Scubaland before choosing your pair of spearfishing socks! The choice of socks for spearfishing has an impact on your comfort and therefore on your success of your outings in sea. The most important factor to know is that the socks should never be too tight in a pair of spearfishing fins. If you use socks in your spearfishing fins, ideally buy them at the same time as your pair of spearfishing fins.


If you are spearfisher or freediver, you necessarily use full foot spearfishing fins and the comfort adjusting your hunting underwater fins to your foot will be vitally important since you often move for several hours.


Indeed, spearfishing fins too small will cause cramps in the foot and at minimum, give you cold feet. The spearfshing socks act as a buffer between your foot and your spearfishing fins and its thickness should be based on the shape of your foot, fins used and the temperature of the water in which you hunt. It is always better to add a fin fixed that being too tight.


You have at your disposal all thicknesses of Spearfishing socks: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm and also spearfishing socks coated with a latex reinforcement that still take a bit more room in the fin.


You have at your disposal soled booties different thicknesses and different flexibilities that allow you to adapt to your best pair of spearfishing fins.


Some models have a zipper quite useful for the strong "kicks" or wide feet, others are made of neoprene "ultra soft" easier to put on than investments in traditional neoprene.


Having at the rear of the boot a bulge prevents your fin strap to slide under the heel. A sufficiently thick sole allows heavily loaded walk without gen. Spearfishing socks made neoprene glued edge to edge will be warmer and more comfortable than spearfishing socks made couture "flat" that lets circulate the water and whose seams you irritate the foot.  


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The main spearfishing socks brands distributed on the e-commerce website Scubaland UK :

Beuchat, Cressi, Dessault, Esclapez / Epsealon, Mares, Omer, Salvimar, Seac Sub, Sporasub...



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