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Freediving equipment, gear and accessories

Buy Freediving equipment, gear and accessories such as freediving masks, fins, monofins, wetsuits, computers, and accessories such as nose clips, bouys, weight belts, neck weight, loins... from the main brands Apneautic, Dessault, Umberto Pelizzari by Omer, Sporasub, Imersion, Beuchat, Breier...

Freediving computers are split into three groups:

  1. pure freediving computers built specially for freedivers, spearfishers, and snorkelers.

  2. scuba computers with freediving mode - only scuba computers with dedicated freediving mode are included. The Gauge mode that is available on many other scuba watches is not really suitable for freediving, so such computers are not included in the comparison.

  3. tech diving computers with freediving mode - tech computers offer additional and more advanced features than common scuba computers, and some of them do offer also a mode specially for freediving.

Here you will find also:

- Specific wetsuits for freediving such as the Umberto Pelizzari UP W12 , the Imersion Spirit designed with Stephane Mifsub or the Dessault Element...

- Specific masks for freediving such as the Dessault Element , the Cressi Minima, the Subgear Steel Comp or the Umberto Pelizzari masks UP M1 or UP M1C...

- Specific fins for freediving such as the Dessault Performance fins, the Subgear Carbone S1 by Trygons, the Umberto Pelizzari UP F1...

- Specific nose clips such as the Subgear, the Apneautic or the Umberto Pelizzari...

- Specific freediving accessories from Apneautic...


The Freediving equipment, gear and accessories manufacturers we stock are Apneautic, Beuchat, Breier, Cressi, Dessault, Esclapez-Epsealon,  Imersion, Omer, Subgear...


If you are new to freediving or looking for something different we strongly suggest that you speak to a member of our team. They will be able to guide you, advise you and help you find the Freediving equipment, gear and accessories to suit all of your needs and expectations. Contact us now. 


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