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Weight systems



Choosing the weighting in spearfishing :


There are four ways to weight systems at spearfishing :


The weight belts: the most used system. Here more belt styles available to you. Traditional like Scubapro nylon belt with quick release buckle in plastic. A variant is more resistant stainless steel buckle. Then you will find the rubber belt with buckle Marseillaise particular. This is the classic in spearfishing. Much more comfortable to wear because it does not move when worn. The loop is on, and will not come off very easily removed in case of problems. These rubber belts also exists in other type of loop as the loop plane.


The harnesses: the spearfishing in harness can relieve back and lumbar particular. It comes in 2 versions, nylon or rubber straps. Generally it sells already leaded to 7kg but you always have the option of adding lead at the belt.


The weight jackets / vests: variant of the harness, it provides increased comfort due to its manufacturing neoprene. This one is worn in addition to the weight belt. It helps to relieve the kidneys also. Several models are available to you and are distinguished by their finishes loading their opportunities, their retention systems, their colors...

Example jackets:


The ankle weights: In complement to its various weight systems. Allows particularly well balance the body to the seabed and prevent legs from riding up. These leads exist in 0.5kg, 0,750kg and 1 kg per ankle. Scubaland recommend 0.500kg by ankle, sufficient in weight and more comfortable at the kicking water.


How much weight should I put?


It depends on three things:


- Your weight

- Your wetsuit

- Your depth of hunting


Generally a wetsuit two parts 7 mm, count 1kg to 10kg body lead. If you are 80kg, plan 8 kg of lead. Then adjust depending on the thickness of your outfit. If you have a 5 mm plan to decrease by about 2 kg of filling. Similarly, if you drive in very little water, you can also add 1 or 2 kg. However remove the weight in case of deeper hunt.


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