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Choosing your wetsuit has an impact on the comfort and performance during your stay underwater for spearfishing. Scubaland offers the following consults in order to buy the best spearfishing wetsuit as per your needs.


Choose your spearfishing wetsuit


Choosing a spearfishing wetsuit bases on following selection criteria: how to choose the right spearfishing wetsuit - help and advice

  • Thickness
  • Used materials
  • Cut and flexibility
  • Camouflage or black colour
  • Open Cell

The thickness of the spearfishing wetsuit :

The thickness of your spearfishing wetsuit depends on your underwater fishing conditions and especially on the temperature of the water you are in. For tropical water, such as Pacific Ocean (> 25°C), a spearfishing wetsuit between 1.5 and 3.5mm, such as the Labrax Esclapez spearfishing wetsuit in 3mm, will be sufficient. In temperate waters (19/25°C), a spearfishing wetsuit with a neoprene thickness of 5mm will be optimal. Finally for cold water (9/17°C), do not hesitate to use a spearfishing wetsuit with a thickness of 7mm. Several producers offer wetsuits using a mixture of thicknesses in order to receive the highest possible thermal protection for the spearfisher without limiting your mobility in water.


The materials of the spearfishing wetsuit :

For underwater fishing, choose a 2 piece spearfishing wetsuit with Open Cell inside. This kind of wetsuit will offer you the best thermal protection and consequently comfort under water. Some spearfishing wetsuits do have a smooth neoprene outside too, such as the Beuchat Marlin Elite wetsuit. This is really efficient in case you leave for spearfishing from a boat, as it is not only extremely flexibel, but also dries much faster than wetsuits having a textile structure outside. However, these kind of wetsuit requires a careful handling. First of all you need to put it on with pH neutral soap and after using, we recommen to turn inside out for drying to avoid that the open cell sticks together after a long storage time. 


The neoprene used for spearfishing wetsuits is different than the neoprene used for diving suits and result from the long experience during spearfishing and the knowledge, how to make an underwater hunting wetsuit comfortable as much as possible.

The cut and the flexibility of the spearfishing wetsuit:

What makes the various models and brands of spearfishing wetsuit different, is the cut and the flexibility of the spearfishing wetsuit. Indeed, some spearfishing wetsuit are pre-formed, especially on the arms, which brings a real advantage in comfort (Spearfishing wetsuit Espadon Team Beuchat), instead of a combination of spearfishing more straight (spearfishing wetsuit Race Flex Seac). 

spearfishing mimetic camouflage wetsuit

The flexibility of the wetsuit of spearfishing depends also on the neoprene used (yamamoto) and the outside lining such jersey or lycra.



Camouflage design on spearfishing wetsuits:

On top of traditional spearfishing wetsuits in black, you will find several camouflage models adapted to the conditions of your hunting location: blue, green, brown… influenced by the background or the ground of your spearfishing environment (rocks, seeweads, sand, ...). Have a look on the wetsuit Tracina by Cressi or the Beuchat Rocksea spearfishing wetsuit.




Reinforcements on the spearfishing wetsuit:

Reinforcements on a spearfishing wetsuit is also very important, especially when you leave for spearfishing from a boat. They extend the life time of your spearfishing wetsuit, as knees and elbows naturally faces a regular abrasion when climbing back into the boat. Also a reinforcement on the sternum is very usefull as it absorbs the pression you put on the breast when pulling back the rubber bands of your speargun. Be vigilant on kind of reinforcement material, it may also have an impact on the flexibility of your spearfishing wetsuit.


Resume :


For Scubaland these have been the five major points to choose your spearfishing wetsuit. Having a great choice at Scubaland we hope you will find your best wetsuit in order to hunt in good and comfortable conditions. Only a spearfisher not freezing and feeling comfortable brings the big fish!


Sizing :


The sizing varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. European sizing for example is smaller than US sizing (Except Beuchat), which provides comfortable cuts to US sizes. European manufacturers indicates the size in using numbers from 1 (XS) to 7 (3XL) 

Size charts of Scubaland diving and spearfishing brands (Choose your favorite brand in the selection).


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The main spearfishing wetsuit brands distributed on the e-commerce website Scubaland UK :

Beuchat, Cressi, Dessault, Esclapez / Epsealon, Mares, Omer, Salvimar, Seac Sub, Sporasub...


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