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Our brands

Scubaland specialist aquatic and sub-aquatic sports : diving, spearfishing, freediving...

Scuba diving, spearfishing, swimming and triathlon equipment from Scubaland online shop since 1998. Our guarantees: to provide the best service and the best value for money, without compromising quality on scuba diving, spearfishing, swimming and triathlon material... With an ever expanding product range and warehouse (a store of 1500 m2) we are able to despatch most orders within one working day if the product is available immediately. We may offer snorkeling equipment, spearfishing , swimming and triathlon for all levels of divers, hunters, swimmers and triathletes from beginner to experienced. And where you practice your underwater or aquatic activity in the world, we will always have the best equipment to offer you and advise you. Based in France, Scubaland is in one of the most popular areas for scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing and freediving. We stock freediving and spearfishing equipment from Cressi, Beuchat, Seac Sub, Epsealon and other brands in our spearfishing store, the largest shop in Europe! 

The largest selection of diving equipment and other water activities

We stock a wide range of dive computers and accessories, diving regulators, stabilizers vests, diving suits and neoprene accessories such as scuba diving booties and gloves, dry suits and diving underwear, headlights diving, diving fins, masks and snorkels, diving and waterproof bags, diving instrument, diving waterproof watches, photo equipment and underwater video, crossbows spearfishing, accessories and arrows crossbows, underwater hunting combinations and neoprene accessories such as spearfishing slippers and gloves spearfishing, snorkeling / Hunting computers, spearfishing fins, masks and snorkels, hunting sub-boards and marine buoys, ballast underwater hunting (seals, belts, harnesses ...), spearfishing bags and waterproof, equipment and underwater video accessories, triathlon and swimming suits, swimwear swimming and triathlon goggles, flippers and monofins swimming, swimming accessories like ear plugs, nose clip, paddles, pull buoys, socks, hoods ...), bathing caps, swimming watches, bags and waterproof swimming ... the main European brands for underwater and aquatic activities…


Our other watersports : Freediving, Snorkeling, Aqua walking, Swim run, Underwater hockey, Water polo...

The best brands of scuba diving, spearfishing, snorkelling swimming and triathlon

Find on Scubaland UK, the best manufacturers of scuba diving or spearfishing gears as :  Apeks, Aqualung, Aquatys, Beuchat, Chris benz, Cressi, Dessault, Esclapez-Epsealon, Guy Cotten, Hollis, Imersion, Mares, Marc valentin, Omersub, Salvimar, Scubapro, Sporasub, Seac sub, Subgear...


Find on Scubaland UK the best manufacturers of swimming and triathlon gear : Aquaman, Aqualung Sport, Beuchat, Head Swimming, Mako, Mizuno, Poolmate, Turbo...


And much more... 


The advantages to order with Scubaland .